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Time Machine Interview: Part 3 of 3

Alley Theatre hair and makeup expert Amy Solomon gives invaluable tips for creating your older self. Using things you or a family member already has in the house, she (and a special assistant) shows us how a little makeup and costuming can completely transform you.

Miss the first installments? Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here


This project is for the whole family so, adults, we want to see your older selves too!

Amy’s suggested makeup supply list:

  1. Tissues

  2. Latex sponges

  3. Q Tips (cotton swabs)

  4. Powder puff

  5. Toothbrush

  6. Makeup color for shadows (darker than your natural skin color)

  7. Makeup for highlights (much lighter than your natural skin color)

  8. Red makeup (cream or blush)

  9. Makeup foundation (that matches your skin color)

  10. Powder (baby powder is fine)

  11. Makeup applicator (optional)

  12. Mascara wand (optional)

  13. Makeup brushes (optional)

Need some help with picking makeup?

Here are some YouTube videos: 

We want to see your interviews! Tag us at @alleytheatre and use #timemachineinterview.



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