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Time Machine Interview: Part 2 of 3

What would your older self have to say about what we are living through right now? 

Part 2 of the Time Machine Interview Challenge is here. But playing “old” is harder than you think. Before the fun starts, in this video, Alley Theatre Resident Acting Company member Dylan Godwin provides invaluable advice for portraying your older self. 

Miss Part 1? Check it out here!


This project is for the whole family, so...adults? We want to see your older selves too!

TIP: Watching great actors play older is a good start, but it’s best to study older folks (respectfully!) as they do everyday tasks. This can be in person or via videos on YouTube. Here are the clips shown in the video: 

  • Mama’s Family

  • The Nutty Professor

  • The Golden Girls

  • J. Edgar

  • Queen Elizabeth II

STAY TUNED for Part 3 where you’ll get costume and makeup tips from an expert at the Alley Theatre. 

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