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Whose Puppet?...Your Puppet! PART 2!

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Actor and Teaching Artist Juan Sebastián Cruz will help you create an amazing story for your puppet. Find their personality and give them a voice, make the perfect stage, and create an adventure - all right from your own home! 


Whether it’s an action-adventure story or your very own sitcom, you can create magical worlds with your puppets. 

It’s Four Easy Steps!

  1. Find their voice! Who is your puppet? 

  2. Figure out how they move! Quick? Smooth? Slow?

  3. Find a stage! You can use a table, or some chairs and a’s up to you and your imagination.

  4. Make a story with an introduction, a problem, and a solution!


Now it's your turn!

Use Amelia and Juan's great tips to share your own wild adventure with your family, friends, and the Alley.

Step 1

Create your own sock puppet with Theatre Artist Amelia Templeton in Whose Puppet? ...Your Puppet Part 1

Step 2

Take your sock puppet on an adventure and create a story with Teaching Artist Juan Sebastián Cruz in Whose Puppet? ...Your Puppet! Part 2

Step 3

Upload your play to the social media platform of your choice - be sure to tag @AppliedTheatreAlley and use the hashtags #alleyhelponline #familyfun and #whosepuppetyourpuppet so we can see your work.

Step 4

Keep an eye out, some lucky videos will be shared on our Applied Theatre Facebook page!


Meet the Artist

Alley Theatre Teaching Artist, Actor

Juan Sebastián Cruz is an Actor and Alley Teaching Artist that has lived in Houston for over a decade now but was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He has a strong sense of his dual identity as a Colombian-American and enjoys embracing both cultures. A graduate from Rice University, he earned his B.A. in Visual and Dramatic Arts with a concentration in theatre in 2016. A previous coach at Discover Gymnastics now turned Teaching Artist, he hopes to combine his artistic experience and highly dynamic teaching style to encourage children to move and learn in unconventional ways.



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