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Release Your Rage with a Rant Poem

Got something that annoys you? Gets under your skin? Drives you absolutely insane? Write it out in a rant poem! Vincent "Blackbluez" Johnson, Slam Poet and Alley Theatre Teaching Artist, shows you step by step how to turn what pesters you into poetry. 


Write your Rant Poem in Four Easy Steps

  1. Write down words that you associate with being annoyed.

  2. List 10-15 details about what bothers you…use hyperbole to really pack a punch.

  3. Include solutions- what would make this better? What would a world be like without it? 

  4. Determine who you’re talking to and find your tone of voice…are you sarcastic? Angry? Funny? 

Share your poem with us using @alleytheatre on social media using the hashtag #rantpoem.



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