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Journey into My True Selves to Explore Identity from a Child’s Perspective

Identity can be tricky to describe.

Quickly explained, identity is "who you are." When you start thinking about who you really are, it can get quite difficult. There are so many factors that make you in to your true self. It's about friends, society, school, upbringing... Children in the age of 9-12 are in the midst of their identity creation. It's great to pause reality for a while, watch the show and talk about how it feels afterward. Some respond strongly and have a lot of emotions and thoughts, others feel nothing (at least so they say).

My True Selves is a critically acclaimed play about identity. Watch it all at once or scene by scene to spark reflection and in-depth conversation about identity and norm-criticism. The play provides unique opportunities for a genuine exploration of a topic on everyone’s mind—equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Check out the Unga Klara Resource Guide for My True Selves.

Join this internationally acclaimed theatre through this newly produced film based on their production of My True Selves by Erik Uddenberg and directed by Gustav Deinoff.  The Swedish actors are performing in English. Feel free to watch and share to start a community dialogue about identity that is sure to spark meaningful conversations.


Originally, this was a critically acclaimed and interactive classroom performance for grades 4-7, about the idea that we do not only have one identity but many. The play is a starting point for an in-depth conversation about identity and norm-criticism (norm criticism is a concept that is commonly used when talking about equality, diversity, and discrimination).

Once again, check out the Unga Klara Resource Guide for My True Selves.

The original interactive production of My True Selves came to The Alley Theatre and toured schools in the Houston area last fall to critical success. It has been staged in cities such as Johannesburg, South Africa; Reims, France; Pskov and St. Petersburg, Russia; and Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan, Iraq.

To start your journey into issues relating to Identity, here are just a few additional recourses:


About the Artists

Sweden’s National Stage for Children and Young People, Unga Klara, believes children and young people have the right to theatre of the highest artistic quality, which is why they work through research from a child's perspective. With eyes set on the children of the future, they are in constant dialogue with society and audiences during their artistic process.

Unga Klara’s mission is to create work about the most important things and to make life-affirming theatre even about the difficult, dangerous, and uncomfortable. Their work is norm-critical, feminist, and anti-racist in support of diversity, equity, and the equal value of human beings.



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