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Imagination Journey | Weather World

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Do you struggle to come up with engaging, innovative, silly ways to connect your students to new content? Learn how to activate their imaginations – and yours – through an Imagination Journey!

Join Master Teaching Artist Scott Gibbs on his first adventure to Weather World (TEK K.8A). Check back weekly for new exciting destinations!

Vocabulary: Imagination, Weather, Sun, Temperature, Thermometer, Hot, Cold, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Sunny, Rainy



Students will be able to observe and describe weather changes from day to day so students can recognize patterns in weather. MORE ABOUT THIS TEK

Helpful Tips

1. Introduce the idea of “The Imagination”. We assume children know what their imaginations are, but it is our job to teach them the value and power their imaginations truly hold. 

2. Bring the students into a calm state of focus. Closing eyes. Lowering voice to create a dramatic tone. Possibly dimming the lights.

3. Using your voice, visualization, and modeling, explore your own storytelling skills. Explore with curiosity, intrigue, and keen visualization. Have fun.  If you do it, your students will follow. 

4. Don’t worry if students speak out, announcing the things that they see feel, taste, smell, and hear. You can always call them back into the story when you need to by providing a new image and inviting them to close their eyes again. Keep the story moving once you ask a question and hear a few responses. If they are actively concentrated, you know it’s working! 


STAY TUNED!  Each Thursday, a new resource will be posted for you.

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Meet the Artist

Alley Theatre Master Teaching Artist, Actor

Scott Gibbs is a professional actor working in commercial, voiceover, and theatre from Houston, Texas. He has been a Teaching Artist with the Alley Theatre for 4 years and holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Centenary College Of Louisiana. His professional experience as an educator has focused on Physical Comedy, Commedia dell'arte, and Improvisation. Scott's regional teaching credits include Charleston Stage (SC), Seaside Repertory Theatre (FL), Merry Go Round Playhouse (NY); and locally: Main Street Theatre, Page Parkes Talent Agency, and Alley Theatre Summer Conservatory.

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