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Imagination Journey | The Ol’ Organism Trail – Student Experience

In Imagination Journey Videos 1 and 2, Master Teaching Artist Scott Gibbs shows teachers the ins and outs of doing their own Imagination Journey with students. Now, see how the Alley’s Imagination Journey series can be adapted for a direct-to-student experience. 

In this student-centered version of an Imagination Journey, Jasmine Renee Thomas, Alley Theatre Arts Integration Manager, takes K-2 students on an adventure through The Ol’ Organism Trail to explore habitats and search for living and non-living organisms and examples of interdependence.  Stay tuned for next week’s video, which unpacks the teacher's side and continues to coach educators on how to cultivate their own Imagination Journey skills.



  • Habitat

  • Environment

  • Living/ Non-living Things

  • Organism

  • Interdependency

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