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Fun for the Whole Family - Screenwriter

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Screenwriter is a theatre game that is not much harder than charades! Join actor Alan Brincks as he walks you through this easy game...and the demonstration by our Alley Teaching Artists will knock your socks off.


Tips to Play this Game on Zoom:

Ages: K+ (Younger participants may need more guidance throughout but can still have a blast.)

  • Each participant gathers 3 props to use. Think outside the box: A towel can be a wig; a spatula can be a magic wand.

  • In the chat feature, list your props. Help younger members with this step.

  • Have participants practice turning on and off their cameras.

  • Have players click hide non-video participants.

  • Make sure mics stay on.

  • Start with all cameras off except the Screenwriter

  • The Screenwriter decides what the story is about and shares that with the group. 

  • The Screenwriter announces a character by saying the character’s name and saying, “played by” and naming the specific player. That person turns on their video and assumes the role in character.

  • No one speaks unless the screenwriter gives them a line to repeat or improvise.

For example: “There was a Sloth, played by Tom, and the sloth thanked the kind troll. Or “Suzie, played by Lauren, described her favorite meal.”
  • Actors must perform all stage directions of the screenwriter. 

  • The screenwriter can assign actors to be things other than humans. 

  • It is possible to erase a part of the story. The actors can rewind and try it in a different way as requested by the screenwriter. 

“Sadie entered, she was a sweet young woman and carried a basket…” The player acts this out.  The screenwriter can say, “No, that’s not right. Erase...” “Sadie entered, chewing gum…” 
  • The actor must rewind their actions and do new actions.  Have fun with rewinding, it’s a blast.

Tada - that's how it’s done!

And now do it again: Have the same story told with a different screenwriter who puts their own flair on it or adds to it!  Or make up a whole new story!

Story Inspirations

  • Fairytales

  • Spin-off characters from TV, movies, Netflix, etc.

  • Favorite songs

  • Family events or vacation memories to retell

  • ...OR you can make it up! Like this:

    • Jeremy the Rabbit has been in a bad mood all day. But that all changes when he stumbles across a shiny rock that seems to have unique powers...

    • Tracy is convinced that there’s a monster living under her bed. One night she wakes to find something under her bed – but things are amazing!

    • Kent the knight encounters another knight and they decide to...

    • Mary, Alice, and John go shopping for a new car but something magic happens...

  • Pull from any of your favorite or classic stories that everyone knows. How can you retell it? Set it in another time? Change the ending?

We want to hear your stories!

Send us photos, screenshots, and videos of you playing the game. Tag us on social media @appliedtheatrealley.

Have any useful tips after playing the game with your family/friends? Leave them in the comments below.

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