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A Letter From Our Team

Our Inspiration for Alley@Home Help onLine

Dear Friends,

In a weirdly quiet way, it feels like an explosion has happened. Overnight, the structures of our everyday lives were thrown up in the air like a deck of cards and reshuffled. Standing stunned and looking around at the new landscape, the Alley wondered what would be of real value to our students, teachers, and families. It didn’t take us more than a second to notice how hard our parents and teachers were working to manage through these trying times.

Imagine a Sound Cue: *tires screeching* or the Road Runner “meep meeping,” or The Beatles singing “Help, I need somebody!” — ENTER Alley@Home HELP on LINE! We've got your back with well-thought-out ideas for online activities and hands-on experiences to support you while you are hunkered down at home.

We wish to offer teachers, families, and students useful arts-integrated activities and ideas of all types to engage imaginations or solve educational roadblocks.

Not only are we working hard to generate content that is useful and engaging for you, but we are also eager and excited to take your ideas to heart. What can we create to support you? Send us your suggestions and let us know what is working for you. Each week we will take one of those ideas and produce a crowd-sourced teaching tool designed just for you.

All our best,

The Alley Theatre Education and Community Engagement Team

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